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Buoni Siamo Noi selects small producers on their know-how and the quality of their production, respecting the value of ethics and trust, tradition and authenticity. We believe in gastronomic excellence: meet the local artisans and producers we work with and discover all the traditional Italian recipes!

La cupa

Love for their land, passion, and dedication to work to the products of the company La Cupa, which takes inspiration from the oldest gastronomic tradition of the Salento area to make the products live the most genuine and characteristic flavors and scents of Salento.

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Il forno delle Puglie

In the heart of Puglia, in the characteristic and renowned town north of Bari, Bitonto (city of extra virgin olive oil, peak of Bitonto), the Danieli company has its roots.
The company has been operating for years in the production of typical Apulian artisan bakery products. The main product of this company, the product to which it owes its success, is the tarallo, proposed in various forms and flavors in our ecommerce.
Danieli taralli are handmade following ancient recipes handed down in secret and scrupulously guarded.

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Alèa – Olio Extravergine di Oliva

From harvest to bottling in just two hours. A promise of taste, color and perfume always kept.
The harvest of the precious fruits of Ogliarola Leccese and Cellina di Nardò always takes place in the first ten days of November, when ripening has just begun. Fruits that turn into oil just two hours later in the family oil mill, fully respecting the naturalness of the product. This ancient and necessary procedure allows the Alèa Extra Virgin Olive Oil to preserve its nutritional properties intact and enhances its unmistakable sensations of taste and aroma.

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Agricola Senga

Senga mustards and extra jams are the meeting point between a genuine enthusiasm for the fruits of the Mantuan land and the desire to enhance them while preserving the purity of their flavors with a touch of creativity.
Without betraying the original identity of the product, innovative mustards, jams and compotes, sometimes classically pleasing, and sometimes more unusual, have been designed and created, to be savored and interpreted by lingering over the choice of possible combinations.

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Granda tradizioni

The idea is the need to preserve the abundance of products that our magnificent land gives us during the various seasons, in order to be able to enjoy them throughout the year.
Today, the passion for good and natural food, the experience and expertise accumulated over time, the search for fine raw materials and very careful processing have led us to Granda Tradizioni.

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We want to provide to the consumer products that are born with the awareness of becoming an ingredient, a food for daily consumption, to win a place in the pantry of the house, an intimate and precious place where we can confidently enclose what we eat, in the fullness of authenticity.

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Azienda agricola Mariangela Prunotto

The Prunotto Mariangela Agricultural Company is in Alba, the capital of the Langhe and an area of ​​particular agricultural and viticultural value, and has been using the method of “sustainable organic agriculture” in its crops for several years.
The company works by hand, without adding any chemical product, carefully selecting fruit and vegetables, thus obtaining jams, fruit in syrup and specialties with an exquisite traditional flavor and the most absolute authenticity that you can try in our e-commerce.

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Azienda agricola Poggio Fiorito

It’s a beekeeping located on the Pavia banks of the Po’, where high quality honey is produced from both flat and mountain areas.
They work in a simple and natural way to produce and guarantee you a genuine product.

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Caseificio Val d’orcia

The Val D’Orcia Dairy is located in the province of Siena. Founded in 1964 by the grouping of various milk producers, the Val D’Orcia Dairy operates in the cheese production sector.
The Val D’Orcia Dairy is synonymous with tradition. All products are made according to the ancient traditions that have come down to today. Thanks to many years of experience in the sector and thanks to the use of genuine ingredients, the Val D’Orcia Dairy is able to satisfy all types of customers. The cheeses of the Val D’Orcia dairy come exclusively from scrupulously selected sheep’s milk, in order to guarantee customers a product of the highest quality.

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L’antica Langa

The continuous research to rediscover the “ancient” flavors of the territory has led us to discover this small artisan farm which aims to offer good and genuine specialties like those of our grandmother. And this choice has been rewarded by customers, in Italy and abroad.
Genuine things have conquered us and I hope they will conquer you too when, by opening their jar, you will be able to rediscover the genuine flavors of the earth.

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Il forno in collina

The laboratory is located in the Oltrepo Pavese, close to the first hills, an area rich in traditions
and with a strong agricultural vocation, where along the less busy roads you can easily find traces of what was the peasant life of our grandparents, so different from ours in everyday life even if so close in time.

Our desire to recover the quality and flavors of the past has guided us along a dense path
research on raw materials and the introduction of traditional local recipes.
The natural evolution was the beginning of the production of biscuits with organic raw materials, therefore GMO-free, free of pesticide residues, herbicides, pesticides and preservatives to which we have added a line of vegan biscuits that we invite you to try.
The certification of the entire production process and of the ingredients is a guarantee of a biscuit that, in addition to respecting the environment, animals and health, offers the flavor and quality of the raw materials unaltered for the satisfaction of the palate.

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The Valverde salami manufacturing was born from the experience of a group of people with the common passion and ambition to produce the finest salami of the Oltrepò Montano: the raw salami of Varzi D.O.P. coarse-grained “, respecting the ancient tradition.
For this and to pass on the peculiarities of a product that is unique in flavor, we have integrated into our e-commerce the wisdom and experience of peasant culture, respect for the ancient local recipes of the Oltrepò and modern technologies suitable to guarantee high standards qualitative in all stages of production and the highest quality products.

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Azienda agricola Garavaglia

Life in a farm in Lomellina: work, passion and innovation to bring genuine, delicious and original products to the table. We had the opportunity to visit their farm and test their products which we absolutely recommend you try.

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Cascina Alberona

Only for you, the real risotto of the Lombard peasant tradition.
From the heart of Lomellina, Cascina Alberona produces the best Carnaroli certified “Carnaroli da Carnaroli Pavese”.
Cascina Alberona rice is a complete, healthy, nutritious and digestible food than that of all other cereals, it improves the performance of organic functions and has a hypotensive action, also beneficial in cases of azotemia. The farmhouse also produces other products that you can buy on our e-commerce.

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Vanzini, viticoltori da generazioni

Vanzini history and quality “made in Oltrepò Pavese”
Tasting D.O.C. wines of Vanzini means rediscovering the culture and pleasures of the great wine tradition of Oltrepò Pavese.

Since 1890 the Vanzini family has handed down, from generation to generation, the secret that binds the land to the vine; a crucial knowledge for achieving ever higher goals in terms of quality and genuineness of the productions.

The strength of a unique “terroir”, the class of wines produced, the seriousness and service offered have contributed incisively to the success of the company, which has established itself more and more in Italy and abroad.

Together with the commercial success, the image has grown: the Vanzini company has managed to establish itself in the most important wine exhibitions, including Vinitaly, receiving significant awards every year. In our e-commerce you will find the most significant productions.

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Azienda agricola Calatroni Emilio

We have known several vineyards of the Pavese territory, bare and dozing between fog and sun. The bunches they gave us in the summer slowly became wine that we have to make you feel! The Calatroni Farm in Golferenzo is family-run, located in the Municipality of Golferenzo, on the first hills of the Oltrepò Pavese.
The wine produced is totally obtained from the squeezing of the grapes produced by the cultivated vineyards. The traceability of the products is given both by the daily work dedicated to the care of the countryside and to the cellar.
We had the opportunity to visit their company that stretches for 16 hectares on the hills of oltrepo Pavese and we absolutely suggest you try their wines available in our e-commerce.

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Ratto Morales

In Oviglio, halfway between Asti and Alessandria, we discover the Grissinificio Ratto & Morales.
A paradise for the palate and smell where you can discover the sweet scents of our grandmothers’ homes.
The Ratto & Morales breadstick factory produces sweet and savory delights, the result of the artisan bakery, and specializes in the processing of breadsticks, biscuits, especially amaretti and “Baci di Dama”, which it makes with Piedmont hazelnut.
Thanks to the quality and choice of the raw material selected with care and always fresh, they have obtained the Eccellenza Artigiana del Piemonte award. We have selected the top of the range just to make you feel what is behind the word “goodness” and “genuineness”. We invite you to discover their products, available in our e-commerce.

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Pressenda Artisan Pasta Factory

Areas of hills, villages and ancient villages climbed on the heights, vineyards and great gastronomic traditions.
We are in Alba, for lovers of food and wine this is one of the areas of excellence, the ideal place to relax and enjoy nature, art and above all good wine and good food.
There is only the embarrassment of choosing what to taste and what product to take home to celebrate the traditions of this beautiful land. In all this wonder, stands out the Handcrafted Pastificio Pressenda.
Pasta makers since 1931, they work with the same simplicity with which our grandparents made pasta and today continue, with the third generation, to carry on the tradition by hand producing pasta.
We invite you to discover their products, available in our e-commerce.

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Salumi Baccaro

Artisanal production of cured meats of the Salento area, gluten-free, lactose-free. Strictly selected 100% meat. Homemade “Capocollo”. Visit our e-commerce and find the product that is right for you

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